Enter Leon Lighting

187 Trading Ltd - Leonlighting was established in 2006 specialising in various base type Halogen lightbulbs such as GU10, G9, G4, GU4, MR11 12v, MR16 12v, Halogen Linear bulbs, E14, E27, & AR111. Our Halogen suppliers are world leaders in lighting manufacturing and this is why we have used the same manufacturers for the last 5 years.

In 2007 Leonlighting introduced various LED lighting products to our Website www.leonlighting.co.uk and also our Ebay & Amazon stores.

All our LEDs are Grade 'A' Energy efficient products and can help to greatly reduce your lighting energy costs & Carbon Emissions. We have LED replacements for GU10 50w & 35w and also G9 LED, G4 LED, MR11 LED, MR16 LED, AR111 LED, LED strip lights, LED cabinet lights, LED under cabinet lights, LED camping lights, LED Torche, LED Lanterns, CFL Lanterns, Colour changing LEDs, LED Plinth Lights, LED Decking Lights, Garden Lights & so much more. Working together with our LED manufacturers since 2007, Leonlighting is adding new LED products every month. All our LED products go through a stringent quality control process and are manufactured to the highest of specifications using only Grade 'A' LED Diodes & products.